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There was a point in my life when I went through a really hard time. I prayed and kept my faith in God. A Psalm I'd pray is PSALM 18:2 "God Is My Rock and My Fortress"

When you see a rock you may think it's "just" a rock...A plain rock nothing special some would think. When I see a rock...I realize the strength the rock has and the beauty rocks hold. Especially in such places like the Grand Canyon. The rocks there are strong, beautiful and majestic and have stood the test of time. When I hold a rock in my hand I always think of my favorite bible Psalm 18:2. One day I decided to kneel down and pray holding this rock, this 'symbol' of strength in my hands... My 'Prayer Rock' I called it. I seemed to feel it's strength in my hands as I prayed holding the rock in my hands, Strength I needed.

I felt I was holding God's hand and feeling the strength he wanted me to have during the hard time I was going through. A rock has the strength to endure...and in time it may wear... but it will always hold strength to endure through the test of time and weather any storm that comes it's way. I felt God was trying to tell me that I can endure this hardship and this too shall pass. I wanted to share a part of my own story with all of you and let you know why I decided to make these special ~Prayer Rocks~ Although it's only a symbol...I hope you feel the 'strength' that I've found when I use my ~Prayer Rock~ to pray.

~Angel of Alms~

Elizabeth Lee/Founder

God Bless! ♥

God Is My Rock and My Fortress...

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  • Prayer Rocks a Symbol of strength and hope...
  • Prayer Rocks a Symbol of strength and hope...

~Angel of Alms~

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