You can make it if you try!

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Stand strong in your FAITH! Don't let anything deter you from what God has for you! The devil will try and infiltrate your mind, your body, your spirting and yor heart...but he can only do what God allows! God never said anything would be easy but God also wants to know that you follow and honor him even in hard times and especially when you are tested. God knows your heart, he knows your needs and he did say "ask and it shall be given to you" Mathew 7:7...Knock and the door shall open to you. You also have to help yourself as well. God won't do everything it doesn't work like  that FAITH and honoring God is how it works! Be specific in your prayers to God. Ask him to guide you and protect you...Ask for protection against the devil! The devil can't win if he knows your Armor is God!! STAND STRONG YOU CAN MAKE IT!

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