Prayers are a direct line to God...

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Sometimes we may think that God doesn't hear us when we pray or that God isn't responding when we might think he should. God hears us...Don't ever think he doesn't.

God may not always come when we think he should. God comes on time in every need that we have. It may seem like he's far away but as long as you are talking to God, being faithful and living by his word (giving it your all and don't faulter) he hears you and will answer.

We are not perfect only God is perfect. He sees what you do to honor him. He sees when you fight and shake the devil off (don't let the devil win). The devil can't even act unless God give it permission to.

God does test us as well to see if we are faithful to him. You may faulter at times but get back up...Praise God's holy name and keep pushing forward! As long as you have faith the size of a mustard seed God is always with you! Prayers do get answered! Yes they do! Amen! Amen! Amen!


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